Kine offers an alternative to medication

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Kine Charlotte Solend (32) started with breathing therapy 17 years ago and has now developed her own method to help others.

Kine (32). Photo: Kine Evensen.
Kine (32) and her son Leo (7 months) preparing for a yoga class. Photo: Johanna Keskitalo

Kine has become a bit of a celebrity in town thanks to her open yoga classes on Stoltzekleiven and some of you have probably seen her on TV, when she received the award for “Inspiration of the year” under “Norwegian heroes”. She has since opened her yoga studio in Bergen and provides art and breathing therapy by using a method she created herself. She is helping her clients, often aged between 15 and 65, with tackling life’s obstacles and with understanding the wholeness that our mind, body and soul form.


The power of breathing

When I asked her why she chose breathing therapy, she replied:

- Breathing is one of the body’s biggest miracles, it just happens. When you breathe, it makes your heart beat, helps your body to move, feel, digest food and experiences that include emotions, thoughts, beliefs, choices, reactions and so on. Breathing is your energy. Breathing changes according to your attitude; when you feel safe, you breathe freely, when you are stressed, your breathing becomes shorter and faster or with longer breaks.

She continues to explain the link between breathing and health by saying how taking short breaths can create even more stress in the body. According to her the factor that does it for many people is when one loses presence in the moment and the body. This is at times followed by making short-sighted decisions, that people think more than they feel and focus more on what they think others want.

- Lack of presence can make us paralyzed, or feel boundless - that is when injuries in sports happen, the negative choices are made and unconscious negative thoughts are spread. When we understand how big of a role thoughts play in our health, only then can we understand why this is so significant.

When we understand how big of a role thoughts play in our health, only then can we understand why this is so significant.

Kine explains that there are many signs our bodies give to let us know something is wrong, but at times they are ignored. 

- For one reason or another we ignore our feelings and go a long time before reacting to them. Instead, we grind our teeth, hold back our tears, tense our shoulders etc. to not deal with certain feelings. We can put our make up on, entertain ourselves with food, work outs, TV, drugs and so on but these are just superficial.

Kine’s breathing therapy method can relief the discomfort that people feel due to negative feelings and blocks that stop them from doing or being what they want. Some have experienced a trauma in their past that has affected them, she tells.


An issue in Norway

Therapy treatments like Kine’s are currently deeply needed. “Mental disorders are a major health problem in children and adolescents in Norway today” says the Norwegian Institute of Public Health on their . As many as 15-20% of children aged 3-15 experience symptoms of anxiety, depression or other behavioral disorders, NIPH estimates. Kine was one of the 15-20% group herself as she was sexually assaulted by a family member at a young age and experienced difficulties in her personal life ever since. As a teenager, doctors offered her prescriptions for anxiety and depression, which she declined.

- I thought about the side effects. With the use of this type of medication sometimes comes emotional numbness, muscle ache and loss of energy. People don’t feel like doing things they usually love doing. Many of my clients have also mentioned heart issues related to the use of medication. In some cases, the medication can be substituted with other alternatives, but only with the proper follow-up and a plan to find the actual root of the problem. When a child is hurting, it is often the parents that have imbalances in life which then affect the child. I think if the parents would have gone to therapy, the child often would not need to. We need more openness and less feeling of shame in this society, so that we can all show our weak sides and be humble, Kine explains with a warm smile on her face.


Showing support

By speaking openly about her background and obstacles she wants to provide a role model for teenagers. A person who gives them support and cares for them.

- If a child isn’t born in a family that gives support, love and guidance, it is up to the child to figure out life - and that can be very overwhelming. There are messages coming from every direction, telling you what to do and how to be, but it doesn’t take long before they start blooming after coming to me.

It doesn’t take long before they start blooming after coming to me.

Kine gets a lot of clients that feel overwhelmed by issues that they do not know how to handle.

- After talking to them, we often end up finding one or two specific events in their past that have caused trauma. The trauma tends to sit in certain places in the body, so we focus on trying to identify which physical sensations certain emotions cause. I also ask the clients how they really are - how do they eat, sleep, who do they spend time with, etc. All these factors affect one another. 

For those who prefer not to talk about the hard issues, Kine offers other treatments, these include “healing”, “re-birth” and breathing therapy, which she mostly focuses on.

- I try to teach them that it’s okay to feel pain and discomfort. It’s necessary in order to find out what one really needs. Often the healing starts with a cleanse, which is the most painful part, but I try to help them through that phase. Life isn’t a steady road - it goes up and down between bliss and pain, and that’s normal. But that is not obvious to a lot of my clients.


Many irons in the fire

The Norwegian hero has a few projects going for her as she is holding a free course for those who have become victims of sexual assault in Aasane and in Bergen center. She holds yoga and breathing classes every morning, has started the Just Breathe Selfcare Program, youth project with Bergen Private Gymnasium and a “Mastering life” course for children and teenagers in cooperation with Aasane cultural offices among other projects.