A second chance for the popular restaurant

Publisert:31. januar 2017Oppdatert:2. februar 2017, 10:39
Pablo Pagazaurtundua (26) in front of his new restaurant location. Photo: Johanna Keskitalo

Dwell will be opening again in March after a year of absence due to a fire in the previous building.

The entrance of Dwell at their last location. Photo: Tripadvisor
A chef picking up ingredients for teas, cocktails and other drinks. Photo: Dwell's Facebook page

The popular restaurant is opening its doors again at a new location on Sparebanksgaten. The business suffered a misfortune as the Brazilian restaurant on top of Dwell caught fire and forced the restaurant to shut down. Now, a year later, the international group of seven entrepreneurs are trying out their wings again with a renewed concept.

- Last time we got some feedback stating that we were too hippy. Now, we are offering something for everyone, Pablo Pagazaurtundua, the CEO and head chef, tells Bymag.

The new Dwell will be a center incorporating five different concepts: Health, organic food, yoga, night club and a cocktail bar.

- Basically one will be able to stay here from dusk till dawn, we provide everything! There will be yoga twice a week, organic, healthy food and then later a bar and a club. It will be a nice place to chill with some lounges and even live music on Sundays.

One will be able to stay here from dusk till dawn, we provide everything!

The main focus is on advocating healthy choices for the locals. As the chefs are aiming to use as much local raw material in their dishes as possible, the menu is heavily seasonal. Nutritional information will be available on all dishes and the head chef does not mind sharing his delicious, healthy recipes either.

- I’m not too strict with that. If a guest likes the food and would like the recipe, I will share it. I’d rather that than having them grabbing a “Grandiosa” every night.


A growing trend

Dwell is just one of the restaurants in Norway slowly putting more focus on healthy and vegetarian food. The Norwegian Vegetarian Union (Norsk vegetar forening) claims that the number of vegetarians in Norway has soared in the last 20 years and is now somewhere around 100.000, although the number is much debated on, since no exact statistics are available.

However, it is clear that vegetarianism as a phenomenon is still significantly smaller in Norway compared to its neighboring countries. Denmark  that their number of vegetarians was 160.000 in 2010, while Sweden is up to a million vegetarians (2014). Even Finland, although lacking proper studies researching the numbers, has a strong, growing vegetarian culture. Due to a great demand, vegetarian and vegan dishes are now a commonly available option in schools and kindergartens. Some Finnish high schools that over half of their students follow a vegetarian diet. 

But sticking to organic ingredients is not as popular. According to Pagazaurtundua, Dwell is the first place in Bergen serving solely organic food. The menu will contain as much local foods as possible, and the meat and fish dishes, which take up one third of the menu, will all be sustainably and/or free range grown.

- We decided on healthy and vegetable based foods on one hand because it is a growing trend and on the other hand because we feel like it is something we all should incorporate in our lives! Pablo reminds us.


An organic night club

Despite all the focus on health, Dwell will also provide entertainment for the local party-lovers. At night time, the place will make room for a dance floor, DJ’s and live artists will entertain the guests. Events like reggae nights and psy-trans themed parties will be held at the night club where a wide range of cocktails can be found on the list. But regardless if it is day or night, the owners are not giving up on their organic principles.

We are rising from the ashes like a phoenix!

- We are hoping to have organic liquor in all our cocktails. I don’t know if that’s any better for you, but at least then we are not contributing in releasing toxic chemicals in the environment.

This time, Dwell is expecting to double its revenues. As it seems to be a one of a kind place for food and activities in Bergen, the future is looking promising for the young entrepreneurs.

- We are rising from the ashes like a phoenix! Pablo announces and flashes a big smile.