The key to society

Publisert:7. desember 2015Oppdatert:8. desember 2015, 23:34

The war in Syria forced him to leave the country. Now, Ahmad is undergoing intensive language courses in order to fulfill his dream of going to law school in Bergen.

It’s been about a year since he first came to Oslo. After a short spell in Hønefoss, he was transferred to a reception centre in Nærbø, Rogaland, where he lived for half a year. In the summer, he arrived in Bergen, where he at last was reunited with two of his brothers. 

Back in Syria, Ahmad studied agricultural engineering. However, as he doesn’t see much use of his education in Norway, he has now set a goal of getting into law school. This requires him to be virtually fluent in both written and oral Norwegian, so Ahmad is therefore putting in a great effort in order to learn the language as fast as possible. 

– Norwegian language is like a key to a house. When you have the key, you can go inside, he says.